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Ayurveda: Caring for Vata

Lecture + Refreshments + Yoga Nidra

Katherine Galligan


It's officially fall, and Vata season is upon us. The elements (air and ether) are now in place to aggravate poor Vata, so those of us with a strong Vata constitution presented with the challenge of staying grounded amidst busy schedules might suffer from a compromised immune system. In fact, we might be extremely run down and overwhelmed. Whenever it’s the season of your strongest dosha, beware! Come learn how to care for Vata with grace and ease when the odds are against you. We'll sample Vata-friendly refreshments while learning how to plan the best seasonal diet, make personalized oil blend to take home, practice Vata-grounding yoga, and end with guided Yoga Nidra.

Earlier Event: September 21
Tell Me What to EAT!
Later Event: November 3
Fall Ayurveda Detox

Tell Me What to EAT!


Fall Ayurveda Detox