Mindfulness Meditations

 Welcome to the 21-day Mindfulness Meditation series created by our beloved yogi and meditation guru, Karen Anderson. Mindfulness was developed by the Buddha 2550 years ago and is a growing part of our modern culture.  The practice of mindfulness has recently been proven to decrease stress and improve physical health.  Traditionally, mindfulness has been used to radically transform our relationship with ourselves and others, resulting in peaceful and harmonious living.

Mindfulness can be defined as non-judgmental present-time awareness. 

Frequently we attempt to bypass our current experience- getting busy or dulling our mind- to avoid what might potentially be unpleasant.  In doing so, we miss the opportunity to be skillful with such experiences. 

Mindfulness meditation cultivates the ability to stay with our experience with calm clarity.  

When we are relaxed and alert to what is happening, we have the opportunity to enjoy and potentially transform our current experience using the full creative spectrum of our minds.

The curriculum assumes no previous meditation experience, and is designed to provide a foundation for ongoing practice after the 21 days.