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Herbal Concoctions

A beautiful aspect of Ayurveda is many of the medicinal remedies are derived from the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of plants. Plants have deeply healing properties, and the ancient sages understood this thousands of years ago. At Yoga Chikitsa we create herbal concoctions using a wide variety of herbs, spices, floral essences and essential oils to best support our clients’ health. Our churnas, spice mixes, tea blends, and skincare therapies are homemade and customized for each client after a thorough evaluation. We lovingly make these concoctions ourselves with the purist of intentions for deep healing.

(start at $10)

Churnas are a mixture of powdered herbs and minerals used in Ayurvedic medicine. They may have as few as three herbs or up to ten as we deem suitable after a thorough consultation with each client. Our churnas are prepared with love to last our clients about one month. We work with a large variety of herbs that range in price therefore the value of each personalized churna varies.


Spice Mixes
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We all know that food is the best medicine, but did you know that spices have many healing properties as well? Spices not only bring balance to your meal, which facilitates incorporating all “six tastes” into the diet, they support healthy digestion and organ function. For example, just a few things clove can do is ail malaria, rid bacteria from food and dispel phlegm and sore throat symptoms. If appropriate, you just might find this as one of the ingredients in the personalized spice blends we make for our clients to remedy ailments, balance the dosha and improve overall health.


Healing Tea Blends
(start at $10)

A simple cup of tea can bring great pleasure. It also can bring tremendous healing. Depending on the blend, one cup can provide anti-oxidants, contain anti-inflammatory properties, be a tonic to the brain, heart, GI, liver, and lungs, deliver nutrients and minerals to the body and more. Not only do our teas support our clients’ health, they taste good, too!


Floral Essences
(start at $9)

Floral essences are wonderful ways to remedy or mitigate conditions or feelings that seem to follow us around in life like a theme. Plant matter yields frequency and carries a certain vibration. When a different vibration is introduced to our system, we respond pretty quickly. Our floral essence concoctions may be taken any time of day and are considered appropriate for all ages.